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Nike World Cup 2010 ’100% Recycled’ National Team Jerseys

By streething, March 2, 2010

As part of their ongoing Considered Design which seeks to offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products that do not compromise performance, Nike will be decking their sponsored national football teams out in jerseys made from 100% recycled polyester for this year’s World Cup in South Africa.

The new jerseys are made from discarded plastic bottles from sites in Japan and Taiwan, with up to eight bottles being used to create one jersey.

A total of 13 million bottles – which is around 254,000 kg of polyester waste – from being buried in landfill sites. To put it into perspective, an area the size of 29 football pitches that would take up to 500 years to fully decompose.

However, the recycled fabric does not mean a compromise in performance, as Nike have produced their most advanced jersey yet.

Due to over half of World Cup finals games since Italia 90 to Germany 2006 going in to knockout time, the improved dri-fit fabric has been designed to keep players drier, cooler and more comfortable so they’ll have more energy if the match goes over 90 minutes.

The jerseys features ventilation zones on each side which consist of 200 tiny laser-cut holes, whilst the new double knit structure gives it a more dynamic fit that contours to the body whilst offering 10% more stretch.

The national teams that will be using the new ’100% recycled’ jerseys during the World Cup are: Australia; Brazil; The Netherlands; New Zealand; Portugal; Serbia; Slovenia; South Korea; and USA. The jerseys will be available soon at select Nike stockists across South East Asia.

Pictures: Jules @ Streething