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Nooka Holiday Series

By streething, November 26, 2010

New York’s Nooka has released several new colours on their iconic Zub timepieces, introduced a newer model – the Zub Zayu and debuted a brand new Eco-friendly packaging, the SiliconeZone.

Inspired by terrestrial mineral, the Zot, Zenh, Zenv and Zirc models will sport the new colourways of the season – Smoky Quartz, Azurite, Purpurite, Resinite, Red Beryl and Malachite.

Bigger than any of the timpieces in the Zub line, the Zub Zayu is an asymmetrical piece featuring the brand’s traditional polyurethane body and a new display design with hour “time capsule” graphics. There is even the option to flip the graphic to mirror the display if you want to swap between your right and left wrists.

Your Nooka packaging now comes with another use – the Eco-friendly wrapper is made from cooking grade silicone, which means you can easily warm up your favourite snack in the microwave with it. And to encourage your new chef status, Nooka will include a new recipe in the Nooka Noozeletter in coming months. This new packaging will be shipping with the Holiday 2010 and future collections.

Available soon at Nooka stockists across the region.

Pictures: M Lab Concepts