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A Quick Q&A With Ambush’s Yoon Ahn About Her New Uniqlo Collab

We talk to Ambush co-founder and Dior Men’s Director of Jewellery Yoon Ahn about her new three-way collaboration with Uniqlo UT and Disney.

Having worked with a major fashion house, the biggest sportswear brand as well as helming your own label, what was the experience of working with UNIQLO like? As a devoted UNIQLO customer and a big fan of UNIQLO, it was a no brainer for me when UNIQLO approached us on a collab with Disney. The challenge was that UNIQLO has a wider audience reach, so it was about the right balance, which could work for them as well as our customers.

Minnie Mouse is one of the most recognizable characters in the world, so what excited you most when you first got the project and where there any difficulties or red tape that you had to work around? I had a choice to pick any Disney female character, but I knew from the moment that Minnie has to be the one. She is an icon, so I wanted to capture her in a way that has not been done before.

On a whole, what are you most proud of from this 3 way collaboration between UNIQLO, Walt Disney and Ambush? It’s an interesting combo. Unexpected. I think that makes it really exciting.

If you were given the chance to work again with any Disney character of your choice, who would it be, and why, and what do you think the “signature piece” from the collection be? I would love to work with Mickey so it can match the Minnie. What and which items I can’t say since I haven’t thought about it yet.

Thanks to Uniqlo Singapore and Yoon Ahn for the interview opportunity.

The Uniqlo UT x Ambush x Disney collection is available now at all Uniqlo stores as well as their online shop.

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