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Penfolds has unveiled NIGO as its first-ever Creative Partner, and is set to revolutionize the world of wine and streetwear. Get ready for the global launch of One by Penfolds—a collection of wines that celebrates the power of 'oneness.'

One by Penfolds goes beyond the mere taste of wine; it represents unity and the beauty of our differences. Working closely with winemakers from diverse regions, Penfolds has crafted a collection of modern, vibrant wines that encapsulate the unique perspectives and regional nuances found across the globe. Each bottle embodies the unparalleled quality, consistency, and drinkability that define Penfolds' distinctive House Style.

But that's not all—NIGO's unmistakable style shines through in his captivating designs. Four animal motifs in the iconic Human Made style—a crocodile, rooster, panda, and bear—adorn the labels, symbolizing the four winemaking regions: Australia, France, China, and America.

Known for his groundbreaking work with Human Made and as the Artistic Director of KENZO, he has left an indelible mark on global culture. As an avid wine collector and connoisseur, NIGO's partnership with Penfolds is a marriage of his passions and the opportunity to create something truly exceptional.

To commemorate the launch of One by Penfolds, NIGO has designed a limited-edition collection of t-shirts and jackets. Crafted with precision by Human Made in Japan, these exclusive apparel items showcase NIGO's iconic animal motifs, giving you a chance to wear his visionary art on your sleeve.

Embrace the spirit of 'oneness' and discover a new world of sensory experiences with One by Penfolds, where streetwear and the finest wines collide in an exclusively curated collection by a true cultural pioneer.

One by Penfolds by NIGO is available globally* from 13 July 2023, in select retail outlets and e-commerce platforms. For more details and stockist information visit

Available now in Singapore at Amazon.

Stay tuned to find out more about projects between Penfolds and NIGO.

* The 2021 One by Penfolds Red Blend China is available in China only.

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