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Drop by Atmos KL's new and largest flagship store in Malaysia for some ☕️ + 👟 + 👕 and to enjoy their sick collection of daruma dolls, Be@arbricks, Grendizer figurines, model cars, and more.

Atmos Sunway Pyramid's 3,275 sq feet of store space are home to not only apparel and sneakers but also a collaboration cafe with nononsense coffee.

The store takes inspiration from “Otaku Culture” with a design based around a collector’s room filled with toys, books, magazines, vinyl records and manga comics. When you visit the cafe we recommend the Kumori soda and the Mont Blanc coffee.

Head over for some coffee, kicks and BE@RBRICKS.


Opening hours: 10am - 10pm daily (10am - 7pm for the cafe)

LG1, Sunway Pyramid 3

47500 Selangor, Malaysia


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