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#FR2 Pops-Up In Malaysia 🐇🚭📸

Japanese streetwear label #FR2 has collaborated with Isetan The Japan Store in Malaysia to release an exclusive capsule collection.

Founder Ryo Ishikawa was in-store for the launch of the pop-up space and we had the chance to ask him some quick questions about the collaboration and his photography work.

Can you talk a bit about the design for this collaboration? This is the first time that we’ve done a pop-up in Malaysia, so we chose our popular “Smoking Kills” and “No Photo” designs. The colourways take inspiration from Isetan’s signature paper bag.

Can you talk about some of the pictures that you will be displaying at the event and which one is your favourite? In the monochrome series, the models are just ordinary girls. I try to take pictures that convey as sense of intimacy yet feel alive.

How would you describe your photography style and can you give our readers 3 tips on how to shoot like you?

My main focus is portraiture and I don’t take many landscape pictures. My tips for portraits are:• I feel a lover can be the best photographer to a model, so try to create a relaxed environment with a lot of communication to get that feeling.• Focus on getting a good angle.• Pay attention to how the light hits.

Over the past few years #FR2 has become extremely popular, could you give us 3 tips on how to build an independent brand? • Think of individuality not found in other brands • Think of a selling method that other brands do not have • Know more about customer trends and where the world is heading

What do you have planned for yourself and #FR2 for 2020? This is the first pop-up in Malaysia, I want to make it a challenge to go to places we’ve never been before.

Thanks to Ryo-san and Isetan The Japan Store for the interview opportunity, the collection is available now exclusively in-store.

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