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Here’s a recap of the recent GUESS x 88rising “Head in the Clouds” festival merchandise collection launch last week in Tokyo, we managed to sneak in some Qs to Rich Brian on that Tokyo tour life and here’s what he had to say

The previous GUE88 collab was really successful, looking back what is your favourite aspect from that collection? My favourite piece from that collection was the red & orange tie dye.

Can you tell us a bit more about the current collab? How much input did you have and what are your favourite pieces? My favourite piece is the orange hoodie because it’s bright and it has rubbers on the hoodie string knots, I play with those all the time and it always gets dirty so the rubbers were genius.

What are your fave things to do in TYO? I love Tokyo I’ve been here 4 times now, my favorite thing to do is walk around by myself because it feels so safe, and going to Family Mart to get Natto, rice and raw eggs, I heard that Japan has really clean eggs so I take advantage of it and it eat it raw over rice and some soy sauce, my hotel room is always full of egg shells.

What’s it like performing live here? Performing in Tokyo was super cool, super energetic crowd & Kohh came through so that was fun, it’s also just great for me to perform in Tokyo because I get to eat more Natto and raw eggs.

The collection is available now at the GUESS store at Ngee Ann City, Singapore.


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