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Fresh off the plane from his 20+ hours flight for their Guess JEANS U.S.A x Places+Faces capsule collection pop up in Surrender Singapore. We sat down with Imran “CIESAY” of P+F to chat about about the collaboration, achievements, film photography and more

How much has P+F (PLACES + FACES) progress from 2013-2019?

Every year we just try to do outdo what we did last year. From doing our own apparel line in the beginning to having a collaboration with MEDICOM TOY and even furniture. That goes to show how the brand has progress over the years from two guys sneaking into concerts taking photos to owning a brand and pushing a lifestyle

What is your biggest achievement up to date?

Having this collaboration with GUESS JEANS USA is probably one of our biggest achievements so far

What is the biggest takeaway from the collaboration with GUESS JEANS U.S.A?

When people saw pictures of the collaboration, they thought we just printed reflective stripes over the t-shirt but the reflective element is actually part of the fabric. I don’t think anyone has done it before. GUESS actually taught us something new through their innovation and resources. With their resources, we can push things that we always wanted to try. They tap us because they wanna experiment our vision. GUESS hasn’t shot a campaign on film since 2001 so we shot the whole campaign again on film.

How has your personal style evolved over the years?

Before I used to think I need to wear certain things or certain brands so I can fit in. I just kinda get more comfortable with my own style like in my sneakers and baggy trousers. People can’t say shit to me because I have done my part in the culture. Ya I guess I just get more cozy now.

You guys are always known for photography. For the aspiring Photographers out there, Is it necessary to shoot big names in order to get noticed?

Not necessarily. It is all about your vision. We started shooting people that we were inspired by. We were growing up on hip-hop so we were in the position that we could take photos of Hip-Hop artists. At that time we shot on film so we just built our tumblr from there. For any kid, you should just have a vision. You don’t need to take photos to get recognizitions but it is more about how you push yourself whether it is through social media or word of mouth. It is about your vision and how you put yourself out there

Why shoot film?

Because I didn’t wanna carry a big camera around. And I really like how film pictures come out. When you have a big DSLR, people would pose for the camera cause they think you are paparazzi or professional photographer. When you shoot with a small camera, people would just think it is a fun thing and not over-pose for it.

What camera and film on you guys shooting now?

I am always switching cameras from 35mm to medium format. Even for the films, I am always experimenting and test different films to get a certain colours for the pictures.

How important is it to have a P+F physical event vs just having an online presence?

When you are building a community or a fanbase, I think having pop-up is the most important for the brand. It is more about people you meet in real life and come together. That is a real community! I just love it when I bring everyone together through our pop-ups and parties.


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