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In this second episode of Streething's "Archive Room" series, hosts ChooEe and Mr. Sabotage have received a special mystery box from Shigeyuki Kunii, the Creative Director of one of the most iconic sneaker stores in Tokyo, Mita Sneakers.

The hosts are in awe as they examine each pair, discussing the history and significance of each collaboration. From Nike to ASICS and New Balance, the collection is a treasure trove of rare kicks.

Shigeyuki Kunii is renowned in the sneaker community for his impressive archive of collaborations. With over 400 pieces in his collection, it's no wonder that fans of the sneaker culture are eager to see what's inside the box. This episode promises to deliver just that, showcasing some of the most legendary collaborations that Shigeyuki Kunii has collected over the years.

From exclusive collaborations with some of the biggest brands in the sneaker world to limited edition releases that were never made available to the public, this episode of "Archive Room" is sure to excite fans of the sneaker culture. With so many unique and rare pieces, viewers will get a glimpse into the world of one of the most respected and admired sneaker enthusiasts in the world.


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