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G-Shock Debuts Metal-Infused GM-5600

G-Shock recently released their new GM-5600 series of watches which features G-Shock’s signature hard-wearing resin construction augmented with a stainless steel bezel.

They launched the new collection with a skate battle at Zouk Singapore, where they also brought in Japanese skaters Shintaro Hongo and Kaito Sagawa as special judges for the contest, which was eventually won by local skater Rocky Chan.

We were able to sit down with them for a quick Q&A before they started their skate demo:

How are you influenced style-wise? Shintaro: I like loose fitting and baggy clothes. Growing up and skating at the park, I was Inspired by my friends in Japan. We looked up to Japanese skater Shogo Zama. Kaito: BDK! I like Canadian skater Bobby De Keyzer. I watched all his videos and really like his skate style as well as his personal style. He wears Dickies a lot so I started wearing them too. I like simple style – T-shirt, cap, 874 Dickies pants and either black or white shoes.

What do you think of people who rock skater style but don’t skate? Shintaro: It’s a good thing that people are paying attention to skate culture whether they skate or not. Maybe they will skate later. Kaito: I think so too. People can wear whatever they want, it is their style. However, I do think they should at least try skating because it is really fun. What do you think of the new G-Shock GM-5600 watches that I see you guys are wearing? Shintaro: I think the metal on the watch is really cool Kaito: The design is sick! I really Like the camo!

Thanks to Shintaro and Kaito for their time, the GM-5600 series is available now at all G-Shock CASIO boutiques in Singapore.

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